Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Presentation Mode for Firefox

Presentation Mode for Firefox

Presentation Mode for Firefox helps protect your privacy when using Firefox during a presentation.

About this Add-on

Presentation Mode is a simple add-on that protects your privacy when using Firefox during a presentation or a demo.

  • disables the autocomplete in the address (awesome) bar that reveals your history and bookmarks
  • disables New Tab Page that reveals your top visited sites when a new tab is opened
  • collapses (hides) the bookmarks toolbar
  • for the search bar: clears the last searched text and disables search suggestions
  • clears the downloaded file list

When Presentation Mode is enabled, it closes all active tabs (but saves them), implements the privacy settings described above and opens a new tab. When you exit Presentation Mode, the default settings and the saved tabs are restored.

Possible Use Case Scenarios:

Presentation Mode is helpful when you do not want to reveal your history, bookmarks and top visited sites when using Firefox in front of someone else.

  • when you want to use Firefox when giving a presentation/ demo
  • when you want to use Firefox when someone is standing behind you
  • when you want to take screenshot of a Firefox tab/ window and do not want to reveal your bookmarks or currently open tabs

How is this different from "Private Browsing"?

This is completely different. Private Browsing means that Firefox will not save your browser history or search history. When you enter "Private Browsing", it will still show the websites you have opened and your bookmarks in the address bar, thus revealing your personal information. Presentation Mode hides all that information.


To enable/exit Presentation Mode, press Ctrl+Alt+P. It can also be enabled through the add-ons toolbar by clicking on the icon.

Presentation Mode is disabled by default; an error icon shows that Presentation Mode is disabled. To enable, press the key combination above or click on the error icon; Presentation Mode will then start (the icon will change to a presentation icon). To exit, repeat the combination.


You can configure the following settings: 

  • When entering Presentation Mode, clear the downloads list? [Yes/No] (default: No)
  • When exiting Presentation Mode, close the tabs you opened during the presentation? [Yes/No] (default: Yes)

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